Explotation of Tradgedy

Exploitation of Tragedy

A news article in the Shanghai Daily, January 25, 2006, informed readers that it was now possible to buy cobble stones from the famous or should I say infamous Tiananmen Square, in Beijing. You remember Tiananmen Square, 1989, it was the sight of student protests, wherein hundreds, perhaps thousands (no one really knows the actual number) of young protestors were slaughtered by the Chinese army, simply for voicing their opinion. Countless others were imprisoned for partaking in the demonstrations. Of course everyone knows that voicing your opinion is not allowed in China, as no one has rights, especially of speech. Censorship is the name of the game, and that is how China is able to keep polished its image, by never publishing negative news, although this is becoming harder with the Internet. It must be driving the Chinese government nuts, trying to control Internet access in China. To learn more about Internet censorship in China, see the Google story published January 28, 2006, wherein they explain the problems.

To commemorate this event for just $247 USD you can own one of the cobble stones, and who knows it very well could have been one of the stones soaked in the blood of some student that was butchered by their own government…isn’t communism great! First you slaughter people for speaking out and then you turn to capitalism to sell the very stones upon which the innocent fell. China must be very proud!

For you collectors, contact Shanghai Julongxing Arts and Crafts City, located on Maoming Road, Shanghai, China. Each stone is packaged in a red wooden case with a certificate of authenticity. I wonder if its blood red? And who knows, maybe the wooden case is shaped like a little coffin?



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